Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I'm a sucker for the stage

Well, once again I've broken my self-imposed theater hiatus (I think it lasted all of a week and a half this time) and have joined the cast of another show. This time it's a little different though - it's a group that does a "mob murder mystery" interactive dinner theater thing, meaning we rehearse the show and then do it whenever it's booked. The good news is, I'll get paid when we do it, which is cool. It's always a lot of fun and fairly challenging to do improv, and I've arranged it w/the director that if another, more traditional stage show that I want to be involved in conflicts with an improv show booking, I can bag out of the improv show. So for now, I've got about 10 rehearsals to go to before our first booking in July. Once rehearsals are done for this improv show, I will move right into rehearsals for my summer theater show that I will be stage managing - rumor has it we're doing Into the Woods. So, here we go again.

Me=sucker. And I wonder why I'm tired all the time?


lgaumond said...

Oh cool! Where are you doing the improv thing?

Amanda said...

We're doing it somewhere in Great Barrington, Mass. Not sure, exactly.