Monday, May 22, 2006

My Hollywood boyfriend

I'm very very very very excited right now, because I found out this weekend that I will be going to see my Hollywood boyfriend, Mark Ruffalo, in the play Awake and Sing! in New York on Saturday. Yes - I'm five short days away from seeing my main movie star squeeze live and in person. And he's just been nominated for a Tony too! He's so cool - not in that super-hot Brad Pitt kind of way (Brad was never my type anyway), but in a seemingly-really-nice-guy, I-could-see-myself-hanging-out-with-him kind of way.

Whatever shall I wear?


lgaumond said...

OHMYGOD! How awesome! Don't forget to go over the rules of "The List" with Greg before you go meet MR just in case you get the opportunity to... well you know. He is adoarble. He looks like someone you'd want to have a bbq with.

I say you wear that sexy red shirt:

Amanda said...

Lisa! I hate that shirt. Everyone likes it but I hate it!

Besides, it's spring. I'll have to show some skin. But I don't think Mark likes a floozy, so I won't wear earrings AND a necklace! ; )

Greg knows the rules.

Amanda said...

PS Sivo looks drunk in that picture.

Flann said...

Obviously you'll have to wear a sweater.

How did you wind up getting tickets??

lgaumond said...

Yes, under no circumstances should you wear earrings and a necklace unless you've taken a part time job as a street-walker.