Thursday, May 25, 2006

It's the weekend, baby

I don't have to work tomorrow, so my four-day weekend Wahoo! The plans are as follows:

Friday: Enjoy the warm weather, despise the clouds, maybe take my dogs for a ride, go out with mom-in-law for dinner for her bday

Saturday: Going to NYC to see my Hollywood boyfriend, Mark Ruffalo, in the play Awake and Sing!, probably run away with him

Sunday: If I don't run away with Mark, I will be going to Lisa and Luke's fabulous joint 30th birthday party. Fun and merriment will abound.

Monday: Sit on my ass on the deck in the sunshine, read a book, enjoy life. Go to a meeting to plan summer theater program in evening.

The end.


lgaumond said...

Don't worry, I'll completely understand if you run off with Mark Ruffalo instead of coming to the party. Tell Greg he can come anyhow, we'll drown his sorrows in jell-o shots.

Flann said...

You forgot the "song" part of the "fun and merriment." Never forget the song.

It's the ciiiiiiiircle of LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE and it moooooves us ALLLLLLLLL ...

lgaumond said...

Hey, Flann, what are your favorite jell-o shots cause I HAVE to make sure there are plenty. I must hear that song at my party!