Sunday, December 11, 2011

curtain call.

So, the show went fantastically this weekend, and I have some serious post-show letdown, as expected. Everything about this experience reminded me why I love community theater in the first place - the challenge to myself, getting to perform, making great friends and just pursing something that I completely love. I am fused to my couch right now and getting ready to collect my Mom of the Year award for letting Jane watch TV all day. With that, please enjoy these backstage pics from last night (sorry if we're friends on FB and you've already seen them). I especially hope you enjoy my vintage 1970s dress from Act 1. Never have I felt more hottt.

PS I think I might direct the next show in the spring. Shhh...don't tell Greg.


Tony Lamberto said...

Yes.... it was awesome and I have the post-show blues.... but looking forward to the DVD party and getting back together with all my cast mates.... and friends.

Unknown said...

i loved seeing the pictures and the joy in your face!! and yes, you looked amazing!

Lora said...

awesome! thank you for the pictures!