Friday, December 30, 2011

reverb11 day 30: genie in a bottle

Today’s prompt asks: If a genie could grant you three wishes for 2012, what would they be?

 Well, I’m not going to answer this in any materialistic way. Like, I wish for a pile of money, or a closet full of new clothes, or an unlimited gift certificate to Target (ooooh….that would be amazing though…FOCUS, AMANDA). Here is what I would wish for – and, really, here is what I do wish for, genie or not:

My number one wish, prayer, hope to the universe today and always is for the good health of myself and my family and friends. Nothing else matters above this. Period.

My number two wish would be for the continued strengthening of the relationships within my little immediate family. Marriage and parenthood are two things that are easy at first – it’s simple to be best friends with the guy you just walked down the aisle with and that cute little baby to whom you just gave birth.

But as those relationships endure and lengthen, as we change and hopefully grow as people, as time passes, they take work. I say this not in a negative way – but in a truthful way. Nothing is more worthwhile than investing the time and energy into making your most personal relationships – the ones that are part of your life and your household every single day - strong.

I read recently the idea that marriage should not be work if it’s a good marriage. I could not disagree more. Life is long, hopefully (see wish number one), and all relationships experience highs and lows. If you say I am wrong, you are completely full of shit. So, yes, it does take work. And it’s crucial to make that work a priority – something that is sometimes easy to forget when your heat is broken or the power is out for days on end or the dog is sick or the kid is whiney or the daycare bill is due again or the water isn’t working or you're having car trouble or or or.

(Note: please do not take this to mean more than it does. It’s an observation. Greg and I are fine. My point is that it takes work to be fine. And sometimes I’m not great at prioritizing that work – something I’d like to improve in 2012.)

Same with Jane – in a few short years, if she follows the path of your standard teenager, she will think I’m the biggest idiot/dope/asshole she ever knew. But I’m hoping the roots of our relationship – which are developing now – are strong enough that when she comes out on the other side of that wretched mess we call puberty, we can be great friends. I love nothing more than hearing young women say their mothers are their best friends. Can this be a true thing? I hope so.

My third wish would be for a year bursting with creativity, whether it is a project I am personally involved in, or just a witness to. I want to read, see and hear great stuff. I would love to be part of a meaningful project or two …. or three … all to be determined.

What’s your wish?


Shane said...


Amanda said...

You are an ass.

lgaumond said...

You are very much correct. Happy relationship requires constant care. (Says a person who has been in the same relationship for 20 years.)

Beth said...

I hate you. You made me tear up. We are no longer friends (see you Sunday).

Ty Unglebower said...

If you lived closer you could be part of the theatre creativity I have up my sleeve...