Saturday, December 31, 2011

reverb11 day 31: that's all she wrote.

Today's prompt asks: Take a moment to think back on your reverb11 responses. Have you learned anything? What surprised you about this experience? Which of your responses was your favourite? (see - I even kept that Canadian spelling, Brad!)

Before I sort of answer this question, I wanted to look back at my last post of reverb10, which was this.

I toot my own horn extremely rarely. Sure, I promote the hell out of projects I'm involved with, but I don't really say many nice things about myself. But I loved my response to that prompt. It felt very right on for how I felt at the time. A lot of it is still true. Most of it, really. And I'm glad that my goals for 2011 were met. I really tried to balance my life this year. And we're getting there. We're getting there.

My life is great. It really is. I am so, so lucky. This horrible thing happened in my state last Sunday, early on Christmas morning. You may have heard the story. I've been thinking about it all week. It really doesn't matter how rich you are, how much success you have in your career, how many toys you have - the most important things rarely lie in those categories, although so many times it feels like they do. It's your family. Your friends. Your health. Those are the most important things. Unequivocally.  I bet that woman, who lost it all on Christmas morning, would trade her life with just about anyone right now. It made me feel so sad for her, and so grateful for what I've been blessed with.

But back to reverb11. Because really, it is all tied together. Reverb is a month-long project that looks back on your year, your life, your goals, your aspirations. When it blew up two days before December 1, my Twitter pal, world-traveler and all-around great guy Brad took it over, with help from Brandee and others.

December is such a busy month. These people didn't exactly have time to take over this enormous project. But when Ms. Bell decided that, as part of her "work," she was going to let it go 48 hours before everyone was anticipating their first prompt, they jumped on it. And, quite frankly, made it better.

I've loved this year's reverb. I know some of my favorite writers - and you know who you are - haven't had a chance to really participate this year, but if this carries on next year - and I really hope it does - I hope they join back in. In my opinion, it was miles better than last year. Not to crap on last year, but I found many of the prompts repetitive. This year, that happened, like, once.  And it was all Oh So Serious. The best part of this year for me was the mix of serious and not-serious prompts.

With what other project would I be able to sincerely talk extensively about how much I miss both my dad and Don Draper? My love of theater and my hatred of Glee? Forgiving myself and my epic trip to LA?  A huge life-changing decision and my secret shame?

I've loved reverb11. I am excited about a little teaser in today's email, hinting at a possible upcoming project early next year. 2011 has been a fabulous year for me. My challenge to next year is to be even more fabulous. Bring it, 2012!

Happy New Year, friends. Thank you for reading.



Brandeewine said...

Hooray! First, I am SO glad you participated & enjoyed reverb this year! I have loved reading your responses. What a gift this project has become, in that it opened up my world to so many terrific people..,you are among those I now call friend!

What a year you have had, my friend. Through power outages, hurricanes, whirlwind rehearsal schedules and just the busy, hectic life you lead, you have become some I look for in my timeline each day.

Thank you for your words of encouragement for reverb, and for your friendship! Happy New Year, my friend! Here's to a happy, healthy & prosperous 2012!

Geekin' Hard said...

Yeah, I'm pretty excited for what's coming later next month as well. Thank you for your very sweet words and I'm glad you enjoyed it this year. It's really all about you guys and the community you build around responding to the prompts (regardless of their source). While I've fronted our small attempt at filling the Gwen-void it's a mix of my own prompts as well as contributions from @BrandeewineB, @LolaSpeaking, @radio_nowhere_1 and @Amanda_Hirsch(with graphic design help from @lgesin). There's no way I would have been able to have pulled it off alone.

Unknown said...

Your enthusiasm is always so contagious, Amanda. Looking forward to 2012 and even more positivity and awesomeness from you! I enjoyed Reverb11 too even though I didn't keep with the prompts as I would have liked to - my fault. Everyone involved did a tremendous job and I thank them all you all - so much! Thank you for your friendship and support! Happy New Year!!