Monday, December 05, 2011

reverb11 day 4: letting go

Today’s post asks – what have you let go of this year and how has it affected you?
A major, major change in my life this year was taking a new job – something I would bet you’ll hear about several times this month, as it’s been very impactful. I first wrote about it here. Ooh, and some fun pics of my last day are here.

The decision to take a new job required me to let go of a very comfortable working situation. Yes, there was a lot of work and responsibility involved, and some crazy hours, and some over-the-top personalities, but I was in my zone. I knew what I was doing. I had been at it for over a decade. I knew all of the players, internally and externally. There were moments when I thought it would be where I retired.

While in my heart of hearts I knew taking this new position, in an entirely different industry, was completely right for me and my family, at the same time I had to let go of the comfort of my previous job, and it was extremely hard. I agonized over the decision more than any other one in my life – really. It was difficult for me to let go and take a leap into a new life – I had an internal debate going on for weeks. It kept me up at night. It made my stomach hurt.

But I am so glad I did. I have no regrets. I do miss my friends, but I still see them and am in contact with some of them every day. I’m still getting used to my new life – but I’m glad I took the risk and let go of my comfort zone. This was a huge part of my 2011.


Dwayne "The Train" said...

this past year, i had to say goodbye to a dear friend.

she was someone that for the past 5.5 years i have had the "pleasure" of seeing almost every morning.

she was someone that was a "much-welcome" distraction from all the insanity of my regular day-to-day.

she was part of my fan club (the head, really).

she was always good to laugh at.

she was part of my lunch possee.

she didn't die, but she might as well have.

this past year, you, amanda, left me all alone at our mutual place of employment, and i haven't been the same since you left.

i was pretty broken up about it, in fact i made a poster to illustrate my deep sadness: whyareyouleavingme.jpg


also, here’s my reply to yesterday’s prompt: cheater.

lgaumond said...

I think I know who the over-the-top personality might have been.