Thursday, September 20, 2007

Amanda's fall tv review: part 2

ANTM! Whoo hoo! (Oh, for those of you who are not super-cool like me, ANTM stands for "America's Next Top Model." Which is, as you know, awesome in all of its Tyra diva deliciousness.)

I started watching ANTM a couple of years ago during one of those ubiquitous marathons they play on MTV or Vh-1. There's just something about this show that is so intriguing to me - I think it's because it's so opposite of what my life is like. Particularly these days. Not that mesh shorts and t-shirts aren't hottt. Anyway, the season premiere did not disappoint. The girls did their first photo shoot on a beach in the Carribbean, and a whole crapload of them got eliminated, with the usual tears and drama. HOWEVER, my favorite girl got picked to be part of the group of 13 who get to move into the house. Why is she my favorite? Because she's from the town where I live! I can't believe it! I won't mention which town, because I don't want it out there on the interwebs, but suffice to say, it's not the kind of town that you would suspect would spit out AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL. But maybe, just maybe, it has.

PS I actually said the following sentence while watching the show: "Honey, you have to be quiet - Mommy can't hear 'America's Next Top Model.'" Just call me Mother of the Year.

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