Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Amanda's fall tv review, part 4

So I had heard about this show "Chuck" for a while now. It's an action-comedy show about a computer nerd whose brain unwittingly becomes host to all sorts of top-secret government information via an e-mail sent to him by an old friend. When the NSA and CIA find out that Chuck has this information - and he's the only one, because the computer with all of this info blew up - they are all over his shizznit like nobody's business.

Sure, it sounded like it might be amusing, but, between all of the shows I already watch and the ones I had decided to try out this year, "Chuck" didn't fit into the mix. So I gave it a pass, despite the fact that it's been getting great reviews, I gave it a pass.

Until last night. Jane mysteriously quieted down between 8 and 9. And an event happened that abso-freakin-lutely never happens - Greg and I watched LIVE TV. Not TiVo. LIVE TV. With commericals and everything. We had clicked through our TiVo offerings and there was nothing on there that both of us liked. And this is where "Chuck" came in. I noticed it was on, we gave it a shot, and I was hooked.

Greg thinks it's the ultimate in cheese. And it kind of is. But I thought the plot was pretty entertaining, and the characters endearing - especially the Nerd Herd, a computer company that Chuck works for with his dorky friend Morgan. A lot of it rang of Office Space to me - which is one of my favorite movies.
So check it out if you can.


Alan said...

I'm nervous to write this down, but we might actually agree on a TV show! I can't confirm this yet (I DVR'ed Chuck last night) but I thought from the previews that it was the most promising new show of the year. I'm hoping to see it tonight so I'll let you know!

Amanda said...

We agree on LOST too, don't forget.

Alan said...

That's true, but I'm less of a LOST fan than I used to be.

However, Chuck ROCKED!!!! I loved it!