Tuesday, September 18, 2007

the sweet sound of silence

Miss Jane is taking a nap. We've been having some issues getting her to fall asleep these days. The thing she responds to the most is plopping her in the car and driving somewhere; usually by the time we arrive, she's fallen asleep. Every morning we've been going to West Hartford Center for a walk (more for my fat arse than anything else) and I've been attempting to get to the resevoir in the afternoon for more walking. But anyway, I was contemplating yesterday that it kind of sucks to only be able to get her to sleep by putting her in the car (this rule doesn't count in the middle of the night. Usually - and I knock on wood when I say this, vigorously -she will fall asleep after I feed her at that time of day. Usually. Oh God, please don't let that change tonight!). This morning, after much much much walking around, I got her to fall asleep without strapping her into the carseat. Tres exciting! So we will postpone all of our walking until later today.

If you're interested in reading an entertaining blog by a girl who got accidentally knocked up at age 26 and decided to keep the baby, check out Storked. I'm not sure if anyone is taking advantage of my links to fun and exciting parenting blogs -and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't if I didn't have kids - but they are really entertaining, I swear!

I have to go check and make sure she's breathing. But enjoy this pic of Miss Jane in her colorful onesie, made by the one and only multi-talented Lisa (who, yes, hopefully will bring over her deelicious chocolate cake someday, despite my need to lose 8 lbs)!


lgaumond said...

I'm still planning on it - sorry its taking me so long. Jane looks hippie-licious in that onesie!

Alan said...

Have I mentioned that you have a cute baby? Even if I have, I think it bears repeating.