Saturday, September 22, 2007

big times

So, tonight I finish up the biggest year of my life. That's what 33 has been. It would be easy to say that it's been the best year of my life, but in a few ways, it was the hardest. However, it was absolutely the biggest.

A year ago, I wasn't pregnant. We were thinking about it, but babies were only an abstract concept to me; of course, it was less than two months later that I found out I was pregnant. That experience was such an enormous one for me. Ten years ago I would have told you I was never going to have kids, and nope, I wasn't going to change my mind. And here I am. The pregnancy was hard for me - a couple of complications, but luckily nothing major. I think the hardest part was the worrying that something was going to happen. And thank God, it didn't. Physically it was the roughest thing I've ever been through, or hope to go through. But I wouldn't trade it, and I'm happy for the experience.

I'm not going to state the obvious - OK, well maybe I am, but I'll be brief - Miss Jane has changed my life forever. It's crazy to look at her and think she was the one growing inside of me for most of this year. She changes every day and has made the last two months the most exhausting, confusing, worrying, exhilarating and amazing months of my life.

But other things happened this year as well. Work was incredibly busy, and I completed a couple of huge projects in the spring and early summer. I was also in three shows, and one of them will go down on my list of favorite show experiences, particularly because it co-starred my pal Alan. I think I could be in Love Letters a million times. It's such a satisfying show to do - especially since there is so little rehearsal! Plus I got to make a bunch of people in the audience cry, which is, uh, fun.

My family is all alive and well, and my friends are great as usual. With everything that happened this year, I saw how great and supportive and wonderful my friends and family truly are.

My life turned upside down at age 33, and it's never been better.

(please enjoy this family pic from our day at the beach visiting Greg's parents)

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Alan said...

I also think that Love Letters rocked and I hope we get to perform it somewhere else someday! It was fun doing a show with just you! And we totally got that audience bawling!! :) YEAH! FUN!!