Friday, September 28, 2007

Amanda's fall tv review, part 5

OK. Whatever, "Ugly Betty." You were so cute and innovative and fun to watch at the beginning of last year, your first season. But towards the end of the season, I started to get annoyed. It seemed less clever, more schmaltzy. And then, the totally-over-the-top end with Hilda's fiance (I don't remember his name and I'm not going to look it up) getting shot to the music of West Side Story. But I came back. You lured me back with your bright advertisements, a promise that this season would be "Bettyer" or some crap like that.

I was completely disappointed with last night's episode. I continue to be slightly weirded out by Betty's strange, mother-like relationship with her boss, Daniel, who basically can't wipe his own ass, never mind run a magazine. Their relationship is so freakin' odd to me. I know we're supposed to think it's sweet, but Betty just comes across as righteous and annoying most of the time. Why can't this guy take care of himself? And, of course, we are led to believe that Hilda's fiance is still alive, through several scenes with them in her bedroom, talking about their upcoming wedding. But only a moron couldn't have guessed that this was all in Hilda's imagination, and that he was actually dead. Which, of course he was. So contrived. So play-for-tears. So done.

I loooove Mark, and there wasn't enough of him last night. Henry made a return at the very end, and I do like his character too. Would it be too much to ask the "Ugly Betty" writers to give us more Mark and Henry, and less Betty? Probably.

If next week's episode is equally bull**** lame, I'm canceling my TiVo season pass. So, clearly, I mean business!

I plan to watch "The Office" season premiere later today. God, don't let it disappoint.


Alan said...

I respectfully disagree. Todd totally fell for Hilda's fiance being alive and I would have as well had I not read your spoilerific post that had no warning that a spoiler was coming.
We liked the episode.

We would vote for more Henry and much more Amanda - she's our favourite. I wonder if it just has something to do with the name.....

Amanda said...

I am sorry - not for my review, but for the fact that I didn't put SPOILER ALERT - I was just so upset at the episode and I had to rant it out! Next time I will warn you.

Alan said...

It's okay - it's my fault for continuing to read the review. One should always assume there might be something in a review that you shouldn't know until you've seen what's being reviewed. I hope Ugly Betty is better next week :)