Saturday, September 29, 2007

Amanda's fall tv review, part 6, vols 1 and 2

Vol 1: I heart "The Office" sooo much. To me, it's just the perfect comedy - no annoying laugh track, painfully hilarous awkward moments that make me pause the TiVo just so I can recover, characters that are just. so. awesome. - I really can't think of a single episode that I haven't liked. The season premiere did not disappoint (pay attention, "Ugly Betty"!). Titled "Fun Run," this hour-long episode focused on a character that may have come into contact with a horrible disease - rabies. Angela also has some issues with her cat that Dwight solves in his own way. Also, the big question of whether Jim and Pam finally get together is answered, but not in a "jump the shark" kind of way - you know, when a big romance is built up through several seasons of a show, and when it finally comes to fruition (or not), the whole show goes to hell. Anyway, it was great.

Vol 2: I must say, I did like "Big Shots." The show stars Dylan McDermott, Michael Vartan, Christopher Titus, and some other guy that I've seen on a lot of shows but I don't remember his name. It's about four high-powered executive guys who can't get their heads out of their asses when it comes to relationships. I've read that it's been compared to "Sex and the City" - I disagree, it's nowhere near that good, but it was entertaining, and you can't deny the eye-candy status of Michael Vartan.

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Alan said...

Thanks for the spoiler free zone :) I did not watch Big Shots but maybe I will check it out. I would also be tuning in for the man-candy, Michael Vartan, but I also like Dylan McDermott.